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joana; 17 years old; Hogwarts is my home.


when u miss the last step on the stairs


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party at my house bring food then leave

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sometimes i see a post on my dash and im like w/e then i see it 5 fucking times in a row and fall into the hands of capitalism and reblog it

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(xposted from twitter because reasons)
Three years today since my dad died. Shame he never knew me as an adult (I was 19) because I’m a bloody great one. He died of a sudden, out-of-nowhere stroke while I was at VidCon and he was at home in London. He was out of it straight after but still kind of there and then he died a couple of days later. 1 in 5 strokes are fatal & annually, worldwide, approx 15 million people have a stroke. To help work towards making these statistics less depressing, read up on The Stroke Association here:

Rosianna is a bloody good adult.
Rosianna was one of the first readers of Looking for Alaska, has been a nerdfighter since the very first vlogbrothers video was uploaded, and now works as my assistant (although that job title rather underplays her importance to me and to the nerdfighter community).
Three years ago today, she became the first teenager ever to read The Fault in Our Stars. Her dad had just died, and she was stuck at Vidcon. I never imagined then that she would become such a bloody good adult, or that she’d become such a close friend and collaborator.
But I have always known Rosianna to be a person of excellent judgement, blistering intelligence, and great competence. And while I know that her dad would have so much to be proud of today, he had much to be proud of then as well.



ppl are ignoring me like im rob kardashian


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so me and my siblings (theres 3 of us) were eating dinner with my dad and we were talking about dad jokes and all of a sudden my dad goes “ive only made 3 jokes in my life and theyre all sitting in front of me”

thats it

the dad joke to end all dad jokes

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me in math class


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